Employer Sponsored Visa Requirements For Australia

What are the Employer Sponsored Visa requirements for Australia?

The employer sponsored visa for Australia allows local Australian businesses to hire skilled staff from overseas when they are unable to fill a skilled position with local talent.

With the help of an employer sponsored visa Australian employers can solve the problem of skills shortages by sponsoring specific skilled labour from outside the country.

Skilled labour from a foreign country can explore employment opportunities in Australia if they find an Australian business willing to sponsor them for their specific skills.

An Employer Sponsored Visa allows employer nominated skilled workers to live and work in Australia. People filing the visa application for employer sponsored visa should be qualified or should be experienced in an occupation listed on the relevant Skilled Occupation List.

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There are many visa options for Employer nominated or sponsorship visas in Australia. It is important to select the correct visa subclass while making the visa application.

Both the employer and the individual being sponsored need to check the different visa options and apply under a suitable subclass category.

Employer sponsored visas range from short term training visas to permanent residence visas.

What are the different types of Employer Sponsored Visas for Australia?

A subclass 482 visa allows an individual to live and work in Australia on a temporary visa. The visa is issued for a period of 1 to 4 years.

The visa length is determined based on the occupation listed and whether that specific occupation/ skill is listed as short term, medium-term or listed on the regional occupation list.

There are two pathways that allow you to obtain permanent residency through this employer-nominated visa: the Temporary Residency Transition (TRT) pathway, which is available to subclass 482 visa or 457 visa holders when certain criteria are met, and the Direct Entry (DE) pathway, which is available to all skilled workers.

  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 187 RSMS)

The subclass 494 visa is the visa type most similar to the RSMS 187 visa. As of now, new applicants are not being accepted into this program; however, applications that were lodged before it ended will still be processed.

The new visa, known as the RSMS (Residence and Subclass 187), replaced the 187 visa in November 2019. The visa provides a pathway to Australian permanent residency after a number of years in Australia. There are 9,000 places available annually.

  • Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408 visa)

This visa allows applicants to undertake certain temporary work activities in Australia such as sports coaching and research activities.

What an employer sponsored Visa in Australia allows the applicant to do?

With an employer sponsored Visa one can live and work for up to four years in Australia.  The applicant can also bring their families to work or study in Australia along with them. There is no restriction on their travelling in and out of Australia. The main purpose of this visa is to address the shortage of skilled labour faced by Australian employers, making it difficult for them to operate their businesses efficiently.

While applying for this visa, both the employers and employees should have a complete understanding of the employer visa laws and regulations. Even the smallest error while filing the visa application can result in denial of a visa, causing a loss of time and money.

Both employees and employers should have the knowledge about the visa conditions and obligations that will help them avoid any breach of visa conditions.

The employee can apply for the visa at the same time when the employer files their application to sponsor and nominate the position.

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