Accredited Employer Work Visa – Visa Details and Requirements

The Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)

Are you interested in working abroad? Do you have a specific skill set that may benefit your employment? If so, you may qualify for work in New Zealand under the Accredited Employer Work Visa. New Zealand has placed itself as an appealing destination for migrant workers looking for better work experience. New Zealand workers enjoy competitive wages, high quality of living, and uncrowded communities.

Explore your potential for overseas employment in New Zealand by reading this article because it expertly explains the intricacies of the Accredited Employer Work Visa.

Accredited Employer Work Visa

The introduction of the new AEWV allows an offer from a New Zealand employer to be filled by a non-New Zealander applicant, with an opportunity for a permanent relocation. Although it is a temporary visa in status, it allows the holder to stay in New Zealand for up to three years and paves the way for accreditation in other types of visa, such as the Work To Residence Visa.

Under the new system, the AEWV essentially replaces six work visas that were previously available: the Essential Skills Work Visa, Essential Skills Work Visa – approval in principle, Talent Work Visa, Long Term Skill Shortage List Work Visa, Silver Fern Job Search Visa, and Silver Fern Practical Experience Visa.
It streamlines the work visa application process for both the employers in New Zealand and the potential applicants.

However, for those migrant workers who are current visa holders whose jobs are covered by the previous types of visas, they are not affected by the AEWV implementation, and their work status remains valid until their visas expire.

New Zealand immigration has identified specific, hard-to-fill occupations in a Green List located in different sectors of the NZ economy. These are gaps in the labour force that cannot be filled by relying on the New Zealand workforce and is an opportunity for overseas workers who fit the job requirements. An individual hired outside New Zealand whose occupation is included in the Green List can later apply for residence after completing two years of work, paving the way to live and work in New Zealand for good.

First step: The Employer Check

To be able to give job offers under the AEWV visa, an employer must apply for employer accreditation and undergo an application process. Only an offer from an employer who is accredited and observes full compliance with immigration and employment laws will be allowed to hire under this visa category.

To become accredited, employers are evaluated on whether they are financially stable, are at low risk of sponsoring overseas workers, have a history of compliance with immigration, and have a system in place that shows they can comply with the requirements of their visa holder employees. One does not automatically become an accredited employer for AEWV, even if they were accredited under the previous visa classifications.

Second step: The Job Check

The second step in the AEWV process is compliance with a job check application, where it can be shown that no New Zealanders have applied or qualified for the job. The employer must show that efforts were made to hire locally before resorting to an AEWV application.

A labour market test must demonstrate that no New Zealand citizens or residents have accepted the job, that there is an existing skill shortage, and that the job’s pay is equal to or above the median wage. This process helps immigration NZ ensure that the New Zealander workforce is protected and that no suitable New Zealanders are overlooked in the employment process.

Third Step: The Migrant Worker Check

The last step in the AEWZ application is the migrant worker check. Interested applicants acquiring an AEWV must get a job offer from an accredited employer.

There is no existing list that displays employers that are accredited under the new system. Employers are also not required to declare such a status online. Thus, applicants are advised to verify the matter before proceeding with the visa application process. Employers who were accredited to employ in the past with the old visa systems still need to be accredited anew for the AEWV.

To meet the requirements, the applicant must provide proof of experience in the occupation being applied for. Other necessities include evidence of good health, as well as good character.

The new AEWV applications are sent online to immigration in New Zealand, and the visa cost starts at $750. Bear in mind that the name of the accredited employer must be included in the application and that getting rejected does not entitle the applicant to a refund.

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